Sika® Aktivator PRO

Sika® Aktivator PRO is a cleaning and activating agent specifically formulated for the treatment of bond surfaces in direct glazing applications. Designed as a single-wipe pretreatment for various Sika polyurethane adhesives used in the Auto Glass Replacement (AGR) market, Sika Aktivator PRO is manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001/14001 quality assurance system and with the responsible care program.

Sika® Primer-207

Sika® Primer-207 is a black, moisture curing liquid primer specifically formulated for the treatment of bond faces prior to application of Sika® polyurethane adhesives and sealants. This primer may provide excellent adhesion without previous activation step on many substrates. Sika® Primer-207 combines reduced flash-off time and fast adhesion built-up.

Sika® Primer-206 G+P

Sika® Primer-206 G+P is a black, moisture-curing liquid primer specifically formulated for the treatment of bond faces in direct glazing work prior to application of Sika polyurethane direct glazing adhesives and to improve adhesion of other Sika products.

Sika® Primer-215

Sika® Primer-215 is a transparent, pale yellow liquid of low viscosity that dries by reaction with atmospheric moisture. It is used to prime various plastics, timber and other porous materials prior to bonding with Sika products.

Sika® PowerCleanAid

Sika® PowerClean Aid has been specifically developed to remove contamination that cannot be sufficiently removed using  standard glass cleaners only.  When used in combination with foaming or liquid glass cleaner, Sika® PowerClean Aid removes contamination on a microscopic level without visibly scratching or otherwise damaging the glass surface.