Concrete is a structural, versatile, durable construction material that has the ability to take any shape. For this reason it is typically the material of choice for structures. With Sika Architectural Form Liners, a variety of concrete textures can be produced for cast in place, precast, and tilt up applications.

Sika Form Liners attach to most any forming system or casting bed prior to concrete placement. Following normal placement practices and curing times, the forming system and liner are stripped leaving an architectural concrete finish.

Utilize Sika Form Release 7000 in conjunction with our form liners to improve the visual impact and surface finish of your concrete products.

Form Liners are available in a range of grades to economically cast an architectural finish in both large and small budget projects.

Form Liner Grades – Casting Cost Effectively

Sika Form Liners are available in four grades to economically cast architectural finishes in concrete structures of all sizes, types and budgets.

For some projects, it may be more cost effective to use more than one grade. When using multiple grades, it may be necessary to shim the Form Liner to compensate for thickness variations from grade to grade.

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Important Factors to Remember When Using Form Liner

•Pre-construction mock-up is required and must reflect actual job site conditions for warranty to remain in effect.

•Some deeper patterns require backup strips and are noted on the pattern details shown in this catalog. Please refer to the section of this catalog regarding Backup Strips for additional information.

 •Listed Form Liner dimensions are nominal. Changes in temperature can cause the liner to expand or contract. Allow for dimensional variations in the design and installation.

•All Form Liners are UV stabilized, however, protect liners from over exposure to direct sunlight.

•Rigid Polymer liners will become more rigid at temperatures below 25°F. Use extra care under these conditions.

•Rigid Polymer liners are NOT recommended for precast.

•Type 3 concrete with accelerators create high heat during cure which could damage Rigid Polymer Form Liners.

•Rustication strips are recommended at the liner joints that do not blend with the pattern.

•Although UNI-CAST Form Liners do not require a release agent, utilization of one recommended to enhance the appearance of the concrete.

•Use one concrete supplier for uniformity of color and texture.

•Place concrete with an elephant trunk to minimize aggregate segregation.

•Vibrate concrete to eliminate lift lines and minimize air voids.

•Clean the liner between castings with a mild detergent and scrub brush.

•Consult Sika for further specification information.

•See See ACI 303R "Guide to Cast-In-Place Architectural Concrete Practice" for further recommendations in design and use.

•Concrete temperatures in excess of 140° F will adversely affect the material properties of the form liners. Sika doesn't recommend the use of form liners in these applications