Shared Success and strong partnership with stakeholders

Partner of all stakeholders

Sika is a reliable, long-term partner of all stakeholders: Financially solid, Sika is able to create value. This implies that the company aims to be respectable/ reputable employer, a provider of high-performing and durable products, an attractive long-term investment opportunity, a responsible tax-payer and a good corporate citizen helping communities to flourish. In order to create value Sika focuses on global technology leadership and market penetration from new built constructions to refurbishment.

Seven target markets, plenty of opportunities

Sustainability in the construction industry both relates to new developments of cities, buildings or infrastructures and to the refurbishment of existing structures. As a global market leader in construction chemical and industry, Sika continuously leverages growth potential in all its target markets through innovation, quality and service. Sika’s seven target markets are Concrete, Waterproofing, Roofing, Flooring, Sealing & Bonding, Refurbishment and Industry.

From a product to a solution provider

Sika provides its customers with innovative solutions that boost the efficiency, durability and aesthetic appeal of buildings, infrastructure facilities, installations and vehicles throughout production and use. The integrated concepts and solutions address the entire life cycle of a facility, from initial construction up to the point when repair, refurbishment or extension becomes necessary. The extension of a facility’s service live, through appropriate maintenance and modernization, creates value, for both economic and environmental balance.

Global market Leadership


Sika is the industry leader in concrete repair and protection. Many years of research and development plus decades of practical experience have enabled Sika to provide systems to restore and rehabilitate damaged concrete structures. The use of polymer based coatings results in material savings of more than 85% and a five times shorter curing time.

Accelerated Build-Up of Emerging Markets position


Sika focuses on emerging markets with strong structural growth. Today, more than 38% of sales are generated in emerging markets. The build-up of supply chains and technical competence are crucial for market success. USD 40 trillion will be invested in infrastructure globally until 2030, largely driven by increasing urbanization. By 2050 70% of the global population will live in cities. More than 50 new airports will be built in China until 2015, and a high-speed railway network of 50,000 km will be constructed by 2020.

Acquisitions to improve market access, technology, economies of scale


Organic growth, i.e. growth driven by entrepreneurial endeavor, is the core of
Sika’s corporate strategy. This organic growth is compounded by carefully targeted external growth which offers a useful way of closing existing gaps in access to the target markets and consolidating fragmented markets. Particularly in Asia and Latin America, Sika pursues this policy as a means of steadily improving its market position.

Strong Company Values


The Sika personality defines the attributes of the Sika Brand.

  • Pioneering: Courage for innovation,
  • Team-oriented: Pleasure of working together,
  • Committed: Strength to persist.