Leading by example

Innovation drives growth and sustainability

Kaspar Winkler, founder of Sika in 1910, laid the foundations for the success of the company with his innovations. Since those early days, continuous innovation has been the key driver of the successful growth strategy. Sika innovates to reduce the environmental footprint, to increase the efficiency of products and solutions along the entire value chain and thus responds to the market demand for sustainable solutions.

Increasing customer benefit and reducing environmental impact

The contribution of Sika’s solutions with regard to sustainability megatrends is measured by Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) along the value chain. Sika designs, improves, promotes and sells products, systems and project specific solutions by taking systematically into account aspects of sustainable construction and transportation, e.g. energy, resource and material efficiency. the sustainability profile of products, systems and services is closely linked to their excellent performance.

Sika aims for products which are technically superior, user-friendly and sustainable during their lifespan from application to deconstruction. Sika’s products are designed for long-term use, providing more value than comparable alternative products over their life cycle. technology and sustainability, also from a strategic point of view, are closely linked to each other. Superior technology and services provide additional value and enhanced performance.

Recycling partnership with Target, USA


In 2007 Sika partnered with the US department store “Target” to recycle old PVC membranes from re-roofing projects across the US and replacing them by a new Sika roofing solution. More than 1,300 tons of old roofing membranes have been recycled by Sika and converted into new roofing membranes. The partnership supports Target’s efforts to eventually become a zero-waste company and to achieve their sustainability goals through increased material efficiency.

Reduction of Argos' Carbon footprint, Colombia


The cement and concrete producer Argos was seeking cost optimization of concrete mixes in all main plants in colombia. Sika’s Viscocrete technology enabled the introduction of a paste volume optimization program throughout Argos’ plants thus reducing cement and water content per cubic meter concrete by 17%. Argos’ annual carbon footprint was reduced by 109,000 metric tons of CO₂ which corresponds to the electricity consumption of 500,000 inhabitants in Bogota D.C.

Energy and CO₂ savings, Spain


An international food discounter chain opted for a highly-durable, long-lasting roofing system for its store in Girona. The customer decided for a Sika solution with an energy savings potential of 50% over time by reduced cooling compared to mainstream competitive technologies.

LEED Platinum project Greece


The Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center (SNFCC) in Athens, a EUR 560 million investment, has been the first LEED platinum project of such a scale in Greece. The Sika solutions for this ambitious project encompass products and services from roof to basement. They comply with all LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) requirements and the VOC budget of the project, helping the customer to achieve this ambitious green-building certificate.

Sika Roof MTC for MANSION, South Africa


Being a residential Eco Estate, the main focus was to construct the new mansion in the estate and make it as sustainable as possible. Architects, engineers and contractors were all involved to create the best sustainable solution. Providing product solutions to Waterproof all the interior and exterior walls, the roof and the garage roof: Sikalastic Concrete Primer, Sikalastic 601 (roof), Sikalastic 602 (garden), Sikalastic Reemat, Sikalastic 621 (roof) and Sikalastic 622 (garden) as well as Sikalastic Metal Primer. Sikaflex Pro 2HP - was used to seal around all the windows and doors.