Products for Waterstop Systems

  • SikaSwell® S-2

    A specially formulated, high-performance, swellable, one-component, polyurethane-based waterstop for use in all kinds of construction joints. Swelling rubber creates a compression seal within joint, blocking the passage of water.



    • Designed for construction joints in new watertight concrete structures.
    • Excellent for sealing pipe penetrations through walls and floor slabs.
    • Excellent for sealing joints between precast elements.
    • May be applied to horizontal, vertical and overhead surfaces.
    • Ideal for watertight construction joints between new and existing concrete.




    Disposable 20 fl. oz., moisture-proof uni-pac sausages, 20/carton.

    Product Data Sheet

    SikaSwell S-2

    Material Safety Data Sheet

    SikaSwell S-2