Sprayed concrete, or shotcrete, is a fast hardening material for stabilization and support of structures and for concrete applications without using any moulds. Sprayed concrete is an interaction of man, machine and concrete. Man, personified in the work of the nozzle man, requires technical skills and dedication to the job. The operator must be able to rely fully on the machine and the sprayed concrete material. It is the interaction and quality of these components that finally determines the success of the sprayed concrete application.

Shotcrete Accelerators

The Sika Sigunit line of shotcrete accelerators are high performing products for both the dry and wet spraying process. They provide a distinct reduction in rebound and facilitate overhead spraying. 

High Range Water Reducers

ViscoCrete products provide outstanding water reduction properties providing up to 45% water reduction. Enjoy consistency in plastic & hardened properties with products that exceed expectations.

Hydration Controlling Admixtures

SikaTard hydration controlling admixtures provide extention of concrete set with a very predictive dosage repsonse.

Slump Retention

With ViscoFlow Slump Retention admixtures there is no need to batch concrete at high slump, expecting it will loose some on the way to the project.

Concrete Fibers

For centuries fibers of various types have been utilized in concrete to help improve the effects of plastic shrinkage and as secondary reinforcement. Today the use of synthetic and steel fibers is widely accepted and can provide a number of benefits.


All Aliva products for shotcrete applications, data sheets and more information can be found here.