Concrete admixtures provide benefits in a number of situations where placing concrete may be difficult or waste precious time and money. For example, Sika has a range of viscosity modifiers that can allow the placement of concrete underwater and the utilization of poorly graded materials in self consolidating concrete. Additionally, our PerFin line of products helps to improve the surface finish of concrete such that that little or no re-finishing of the surface is necessary.

Sika looks to provide value to concrete producers, contractors and ulitmately the owner through innovative specialty admixtures.

Viscosity Modifiers & Underwater

There are many great benefits to the use of Viscosity Modifying Admixtures (VMA) in concrete. From placing concrete underwater, to allowing the use of poor quality aggregates (including manufactured sand), there are many uses for VMA’s that are outside the box.

Surface Enhancement

Small bug holes in concrete can be unsightly and give the impression that the quality of the concrete is poor. Additionally, it can be extremely expensive to “rub” or “sack” the concrete such that the surface appears smooth. With just a small does of PerFin 305 you can reduce bug holes and improve surface appearance.

Exposing the natural color and surface of aggregates can provide a beautiful architectural finish. Sika Rugasol –S is a surface retarder that can help achieve this desired appearance. 

Flowable Fill

Flowable fill is a self-compacting flowable concrete used as an economical fill or backfill material. Sika Lightcrete Powder is a easy, ready to use flowable fill admixture in a water-soulable bag.

Evaporation Control & Surface Retarders

As soon as concrete is placed it begins to lose moisture. This moisture is necessary to help ensure the surface of the concrete is durable. SikaFilm is an evaporation controlling topical product for use just after placement of the concrete.

Pervious Concrete

Pervious Concrete has many great environmental benefits but can be very difficult to work with. Sika PV – 100 can improve both the flowability and the bonds within pervious concrete.