SikaMix products provide block and paver producers piece of mind that their products will meet quality and aesthetic standards. Reduction of efflorescence is one of the core issues that plague producers of dry cast products and our SikaMix AE products greatly reduce and sometimes eliminate this problem while providing water repellency properties.

With some of the most experienced concrete professionals in the industry, our sales team will work with you to optimize and economize your mixes to ensure your products meet your customers high standards.

Products for Paver & Block Production

SikaMix plasticizing, efflorescence and water-repelling admixtures help paver and block producers make consistent and beautiful products. Product options include:

Training & Education

We believe investment in training and education is key to the advancement of the concrete industry, as such we offer many continuing education programs and customized training.

Concrete & Sustainabiltity

Concrete is one of the most durable building products available.