Sika excels in precast. Our ViscoCrete line of high range water reducers provide precast producers with the ability to make consistent high quality concrete. No matter what your production technique or targets, we have a ViscoCrete product that meets your needs. From high early strength, to strength enhancement ,to production of self consolidating concrete, ViscoCrete water reducers are the highest quality products on the market.

Sika Rapid is a unique hardening accelerator that can provide great benefits for precast producers that are looking to release forms at very early ages. These products are not a set accelerators and as a result producers will not experience fast slump loss, but rather just rapid strength gain.

Sika recently introduced Sika PerFin 305. This unique product helps to improve the finished surface and limit bug holes. For precast producers this means less time and money spent on rubbing concrete. Sika PerFin 305 was recently utilized for the concrete stadium risers at the new San Francisco 49’ers Stadium.

Sika can provide precast producers the piece of mind that each and every concrete piece produced will meet strength, aesthetic and quality standards.


We know precast! Our ViscoCrete line of High Range Water Reducers provide precasters with the ability to optimize mix and turn forms quickly. Product options include:

Training & Education

We believe investment in training and education is key to the advancement of the concrete industry, as such we offer many continuing education programs and customized training.


Self Consolidating Concrete (SCC) has numerous benefits and creates new design possibilities.

Concrete & Sustainabiltity

Concrete is one of the most durable building products available.