Groups: Wood Flooring Adhesives

Solid Wood

SikaBond elastic adhesive technology has been creating permanent bonds to wood, metal, concrete and various other materials in the construction, marine and automotive markets for decades.  With elastic technology, two different materials can move independently of one another without causing undue stress on the substrates.

Engineered Wood

Product options include: SikaBond®-T15, SikaBond®-T35, SikaBond®-T55, SikaBond®-T21 and Sika® AcouBond®-System


Product options include:Sika® Primer MB and Sika® Level-01 Primer

Sound Control System

Sika AcouBond System

One of the biggest challenges of the wood floor industry is finding a solution for the sound transmitted by parquet/wood floors. SikaBond elastic adhesive systems reduce impact noise, airborne noise and footfall sound and provide the ideal solution for sound reduction.


Durable and versatile cementitious underlayment for interior concrete and cementitious substrates.

Moisture Vapor Protection