Sikalastic RoofPro cold liquid-applied membranes combine a moisture-triggered polyurethane resin with either Reemat fiberglass or polyester fleece reinforcement to create a highly conformable, self-adhering and self-terminating roofing/waterproofing membrane. Sikalastic membranes are available as a white CRRC-listed reflective membrane, or in other colors for an aesthetic appearance. Sikalastic membranes are UV-resistant and can be directly exposed with or without an aggregate/flake finish, or can be installed under pavers, growing media and plantings, or tile and concrete. Sikalastic membranes provide very reliable edge-to-edge roofing/waterproofing systems, and also serve as very effective repair and flashing membranes for a multitude of smaller-scale applications. 

  • Sikalastic 601BC/621 TC
  • Sikalastic 624 WP
  • Sikalastic 641
  • Sikalastic 641 Lo-VOC
  • Sikalastic 600 Accelerator
  • Sikalastic Clearglaze
  • Sika Reemat Standard & Premium
  • Sika Fleece 120, 140, 170
  • Sika Flexitape Heavy
  • Sika Joint Tape SA
  • Sika Joint Tape SA Primer
  • Sika Concrete Primer
  • Sikalastic DTE Primer
  • Sikalastic EP Primer
  • Sika Reactivation Primer
  • Sika Bonding Primer
Insulations & Cover Boards
  • Sarnatherm ISO Insulation (20 psi)                       
  • Sarnatherm ISO Insulation (25 psi)
  • Sarnatherm Tapered ISO Insulation (20 psi)
  • Sarnatherm Tapered ISO Insulation (25 psi)
  • Sarnatherm Tapered XPS Insulation
  • Securock Gypsum Fiber Roof Board
  • Securock Cement Roof Board
  • Dens Deck Roof Board


Adhesives & Fasteners
  • Sarnacol OM Board Adhesive
  • Sarnafastener #12
  • Sarnafastener #14
  • Sarnafastener CD10
  • Sarnaplate
Vapor Barriers & Primers
  • Sarnavap Self-Adhered Vapor/Air Barrier
  • Sarnavap Self-Adhered Primer
  • Sarnavap Self-Adhered Primer WB
  • Sarnavap Self-Adhered Primer VC
  • Sarnapaver
  • Sika Drainage Mats
  • Edge Grip Fascia
  • Edge Grip Extruded Fascia
  • Wall Grip Coping
  • Wall Grip Coping Plus