Sikagard FlexCoat

Sikagard FlexCoat is a polymerized cementitious protective coating. It consists of a unique rubber-like polymer liquid (Part A) mixed at the time of application with a cement aggregate blend (Part B).

Sikagard® FlexCoat ATC

Single component acrylic finish coating for two-coat application to Sikagard FlexCoat in new or recoat work. Important characteristics of Top Coat are its durability and excellent weathering qualities.

Sikagard® 550 W Elastocolor

Elastomeric, crack-bridging, anti-carbonation, acrylic protective coating. Sikagard 550W Elastocolor provides protection to reinforced concrete from the ingress of carbon dioxide and other aggressive gasses. It offers high resistance to chlorides and other waterborne salts and excellent UV light resistance. Sikagard 550W Elastocolor will not act as vapor barrier and will enhance the aesthetic appearance of the structure.

Sikagard® 670 W

Water dispersed colored, acrylic, protective coating. Sikagard 670W prevents moisture ingress, is water vapor permeable and provides an excellent carbonation barrier.

Sikagard® Elastic Base Coat

Elastic, crack-bridging, anti-carbonation, base coat. Sikagard Elastic Base Coat protects structures from the ingress of carbon dioxide and other aggressive atmospheric influences without acting as a vapor barrier.

Sikagard® 552 W Primer

One component, penetrating, adhesion promoter for priming concrete and other masonry surfaces prior to the application of acrylic emulsion coatings. Sikagard Primers will reduce the consumption rate of the subsequent coat by providing a uniformly absorptive surface.

Sikagard® 570

Sikagard 570 is an exceptionally elastomeric, high build, waterborne coating designed to accommodate movement and cracking in structures. The coating is cured by exposure to the UV radiation present in sunlight, developing a surface skin which is relatively harder than the bulk of the coating beneath. Thus, it has a hard wearing surface but the underlying coating is comparatively mobile, tolerating pronounced movement without cracking or splitting. Similarly, as more material is gradually exposed due to natural erosion, the hard surface is maintained. The coating dries rapidly to a matte finish, and retains its elasticity both at very low temperatures and in extremes of heat, protecting substrates against weathering, water ingress and aggressive atmospheric chemicals. In addition it also provides an effective barrier to carbonation when applied over reinforced concrete. Sikagard 570 exhibits excellent color retention, has a dirt resistant surface, is capable of very high moisture vapor transmission and has excellent low temperature crack bridging properties.