Multipurpose Adhesives

SikaBond® Construction Adhesive

SikaBond Construction Adhesive is a one-component, gun-grade, adhesive and sealing compound of permanent elasticity. This dual-purpose material is based on a special moisture-cured polyurethane with an accelerated curing time.

Sika® MaxTack® Fast Grab Adhesive

Sika MaxTack Fast Grab Adhesive is a one-part, water-based, high strength, interior fast grab adhesive with excellent adhesion properties. This multipurpose high strength adhesive bonds to most substrates, eliminating the need for nails and screws in many do-it-yourself repair projects.

SikaBond® Ultimate Grab

SikaBond Ultimate Grab is a one-component, instant grab, polyurethane adhesive used to bond a wide variety of interior and exterior construction materials. Ideal for securing vertical items in place instantly.

SikaBond® Hardscape Adhesive

SikaBond Hardscape Bond Adhesive is a one-component, durable and flexible exterior
polyurethane adhesive for use in hardscaping projects. It bonds to block, brick, stone and
pavers. Ideal for retaining walls, paver caps, concrete, masonry and wood.

Sika® LiquidWeld Blu

Superior, reemulsifiable, liquid bonding agent for concrete, cement mortars and stucco.