ESD Coatings

Sikafloor® 220 W Conductive

Water-based Conductive Primer for Anti-Static Sikafloor Coatings. Sikafloor 220W Conductive is a two-component water based epoxy coating with high electrostatic conductivity. It is designed for use in combination with Sikafloor 200C ESD, and Sikafloor 700C ESD when desiring resistance readings in the conductive range of 2.5 x 104 – 1.0 x 106 ohms. Sikafloor 220W Conductive is useful on a variety of substrates, including existing non-conductive coatings or resurfacers and epoxy primed concrete. Sikafloor 220W Conductive requires a concrete primer prior to application, such as Sikafloor 107, Sikafloor 160, Sikafloor 161 or Sikafloor 1610.

Please see Sikafloor Conductive Electrostatic Control Epoxy System Data Sheet for more info.

Sikafloor® 200 ESD

Sikafloor 200 ESD and Sikafloor 200C ESD coatings are four-component ESD epoxy coating systems designed to impart electrostatic control properties to a variety of substrates in conjunction with ESD footwear, including existing non-conductive substrates and concrete.

Please see Sikafloor Electrostatic Control Epoxy System Data Sheet for more info.

Sikafloor® 700 ESD

Coating is a three-component ESD epoxy novolac system designed especially for areas that require both ESD control and chemical resistance to acids and solvents.

Sikafloor®-700C ESD

High Build Electrostatic Control Novolac Epoxy.

Sikafloor® 340 ESD

Five component, aliphatic, polyester, ESD control, polyurethane system. The system is applied in two coats to provide a tough, durable ESD surface with matte finish.