Chemical Resistant Coatings

Sikafloor® 315-Alipthatic Urethane

Low VOC abrasion resistant Alipthatic Urethane. Sikafloor 315 high solids, abrasion resistant, aliphatic polyurethane coating. It can be applied as a two or three part clear, or a three or four part pigmented coating. USE OF WEAR ADDITIVE IS REQUIRED.

Sikafloor® 340 Aliphatic Chemical Resistant Urethane

Two-component, reduced VOC chemical, abrasion and UV resistant aliphatic urethane that has exceptional resistance to most chemicals. It cures through chemical reaction and therefore is not dependent on atmospheric moisture.

Sikafloor® 700 Novolac Epoxy Binder/Topcoat

Two component, high solids, novolac epoxy with exceptional chemical resistance. Sikafloor 700 can be installed as a stand-alone coating. Its versatility allows Sikafloor 700 to be applied as a topcoat for many of the Sika flooring systems or used as a binder in a slurry/broadcast system. Can be applied as a clear topcoat or with Sikafloor Epoxy Color Additive to create a variety of colors.