Moisture/ Vapor Tolerant


A two component, high solids, red transparent epoxy primer. This epoxy primer is specially formulated to perform as a moisture tolerant primer.

Sikafloor® 81 EpoCem®

Three-component, solvent-free, odorless, moisture-insensitive, epoxy-modified, cementitious self-leveling mortar. Especially formulated for leveling and structurally reprofiling on damp, “green” or saturated surface dry concrete slabs, and slabs with excess water vapor transmission rates for thicknesses of 100-160 mil (2.5-4 mm).

Sikafloor® 82 EpoCem®

Sikafloor 82 EpoCem is a three-component, solvent-free, odorless, moisture-insensitive, epoxy modified, cementitious, self-leveling mortar. Specifically formulated for leveling and structural reprofiling of damp “green” or saturated surface dry concrete slabs at thickness of 160 - 280 mils (4 - 7 mm).