Seamless Solid Color Coating Systems Combine Performance, Versatility

For high-demand commercial and industrial settings, Sikafloor® Morritex® is the optimum coating system designed for your conditions. Whether it is foot or heavy traffic, large equipment, abrasion, or harsh chemicals, Sika offers versatile systems that fit your environment.


  • Highly customizable, component-based coating systems
  • Unlimited colors, surface textures, gloss levels
  • Easy-to-maintain, seamless surface
  • Improves light reflectance and facility aesthetics
  • Abrasion, chemical & impact resistant
  • Resin rich and slip resistant
  • Lower maintenance and life cycle cost vs. tile, sheet goods, and carpet
  • (Optional) Integral cove, base and curbs for a seamless connection
Sika Morritex Coating System
  • Recommended for light traffic areas
  • Lower maintenance and life cycle cost vs. tile, sheet goods, and carpet


Sika Morritex Broadcast System
  • Recommended for light to medium traffic areas
  • Incorporation of durable, hard aggregate broadcast and sealed into the surface
  • Long life expectancy against aggressive wear


Sika Morritex Self-leveling Broadcast System
WHERE TO USE: Cafeterias, Clean rooms, Convention centers, Institutional and recreational facilities, Laboratories, Laundry rooms, Light to heavy duty manufacturing facilities, Packaging areas, Aircraft hangars, Pharmaceutical facilities, Theaters and television studios.


Sika Morritex Self-leveling Slurry Smooth System
  • Recommended for light to heavy traffic areas
  • Long life expectancy against aggresive wear


Sikafloor Morritex Hangar System
  • Monolithic solid color flooring system
  • Designed for airplane hangars and aviation environments
  • Resistant to Skydrol