Expectations in Floor and Wall finishes in today’s hospitals are high. In public spaces, such as treatment and patient rooms and lobbies and corridors, they must enhance the patient’s experience and, at the same time, provide long-term durability and ease of maintenance. Floor and wall finishes in the sterile core must resist aggressive sanitizers and staining agents. Back of house spaces, including laboratories, kitchens, laundries and maintenance, need to withstand constant traffic and abuse.



Every space in a healthcare facility has unique floor, ceiling, and wall finish requirements based on the rooms purpose, occupants, and equipment. With so many surface options available, particularly for flooring, choosing the appropriate products for the wide array of clinical and non-clinical applications can be overwhelming. If you want help picking the best match for your facility, download this guide of 10 factors to consider when selecting interior finishes for healthcare applications.

hospital patient room flooring
Hospital Patient rooms, Rest rooms, and Public Spaces

First impressions tend to create lasting impressions, especially when it comes to floor and wall systems. Sika has a wide range of esthetically pleasing flooring systems to help you create positive images for your facility. One possibility, DecoFlake provides limitless color options along with durability unmatched by VCT or welded seam products. The DecoFlake finish can be adjusted to provide the degree of skid inhibition that is required. Surface gloss is also adjustable.  Sikagard Hygiene Wall Coating System provides a cleanable, mar resistant finish with excellent touch-up.

hospital back and maintenace flooring
Hospital Back of House, Support Areas

Hospital kitchens, laundries, labs and maintenance require floors with excellent impact, thermal shock and abrasion resistance. In addition, since many of these areas are on or blow grade, tolerance to concrete slab moisture movement is also important. Sikafloor Purcem systems are resistant to moisture movement and have outstanding abuse resistance. Our Purcem 22NA System resists harsh cleaning chemicals and detergents as well. Our wall systems in these areas must also withstand these difficult operating conditions. Sikagard Descoglas RF provides a high build, low maintenance solution with easy touch-up.


hospital operating room flooring
Sterile Core and Surgical Suites

Sika’s seamless resinous floor and wall systems are designed to withstand the most demanding hospital conditions. They provide lasting protection against frequent sanitization, staining agents, impact, and heavy traffic. They contain no seams to harbor microbial growth. Sika ComfortFloor provides a tough, elastomeric solution for these spaces. Sikagard Hygiene Wall Coating Systems provide excellent abuse and sanitizer resistance and are easy to touch-up.