Sikagard® Hygienic Coatings

The technologically advanced Sikagard┬« wall system can be applied quick and easy to most common substrates, including concrete, blockwork and renders, plus ceramic tiles and painted surfaces even in cold storage and freezer rooms. The coatings contain an integral preservation that provides long lasting protection.

Create seamless environments, by wrapping or tying the wall and ceiling into the floor and base using Sikafloor and Sikagard hygienic coatings. Seamless coating systems eliminated growth of bacteria between the cracks and cervices that commonly harbor dirt.

The result is a seamless, aesthetic, high performance surface that is easy to clean and maintain.

Key Advatages:

  • Superior impact, abrasion, chemical resistance
  • Hard-wearing and impact resistant
  • LEED compliant and suitable for USDA inspected facilities
  • Able to withstand extreme temperatures
  • Rapid Drying and easy to apply
  • Low odor; may be installed in occupied areas
  • Available in wide spectrum of colors

Sikagard Hygiene Urethane Coating System
  • Aliphatic urethane coating
  • Color stable, chemical and sanitizer resistant finish
  • Adheres to properly prepared, compatible existing coatings
  • Excellent maintenance finish
  • Outperforms water-based epoxy coatings in sanitized environments
  • Its long pot life and rapid cure time allow application of two coats within an hour of each other
  • Built-in mold inhibition package make it an excellent choice for damp and wet environments
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Sikagard Hygiene High Build Flexible Coating System
  • High build and performance
  • Hybrid acrylic coating system
  • Excellent flexibility for crack isolation and blunt object impact resistance
  • Very good chemical and sanitizer resistance
  • Excellent color stability
  • Built-in mold inhibition package, make it an excellent choice for damp and wet environments

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floor, wall and ceiling hygiene coatings in health environment

Hygienic topcoats specially developed to be self-proactive against the growth of mold, bacteria, yeast, fungi and other micro-organisms.   

Sikagard Descoglas Wall Systems

Sikagard Descoglas RF Fiber Reinforced Epoxy Wall Systems
  • High build
  • High solid epoxy coating
  • Moderate to high abuse area on new construction and renovation projects
  • Fiberglass fiber and filler package enhance chemical and thermal shock resistance and permit high mil. build per coat


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Sikagard Descoglas FE Flexible Epoxy Wall System
  • Flexible epoxy-based coating system for optimal impact resistance and crack isolation
  • Often used as a wainscot system in the impact zone
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Sikagard Decoglas RM Fiberglass Mat Reinforced Wall System

Sikagard Descoglas Fiberglass Mat Reinforced System has 30+ years of performance history in the most demanding environments:

  • Industry standard for fiberglass mat reinforced systems
  • Maximum thermal shock resistance for an epoxy coating system when specified with 5.94oz woven roving mat
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