Greetings.  Whether you have secured a quotation, or booked an appointment to have your broken windshield replaced, trust the fact that your selected auto glass company is dedicated to providing the greatest experience possible in restoring your vehicle.  Evidence of this commitment is the effort they have made to share the following information, which only takes a few minutes of your time to review.  As History has proven, consumers have enjoyed and greatly benefited from the education the following website links provide.  Please extend us a few minutes of your time and learn if you too can benefit the same way.

A great experience requires a well trained and certified technician who uses quality products and abides by the 32 specific steps of safe auto glass installation defined and mandated through the national AGRSS ANSI Standard.  It is only when consumers take these 3 subjects into consideration, along with their quotation, that a true and accurate value based buying decision can be made.  The following 3 website links provide quick and relevant education to further validate the critical nature of making sure you associate with only those auto glass installation companies who employ trained and certified technicians, who use quality products and who provide fair and appropriate prices.  All of these items add up to having a great experience!


Please click the animated "No Shortcuts to Safety" video link below to meet Mike and David, brothers, who have already gone through the experience that you are about to encounter.  This is an educational and entertaining video that you’ll enjoy for a brief four minutes.  Learn ahead of time what they learned well after the fact; it will help to ensure a happy ending to your auto glass replacement.


The importance of Safe Drive Away Time (SDAT) is perhaps a new term in your vocabulary.  When your installer refers to SDAT he is referencing a significant fact – the time period required between the installation of a windshield, and the minimum allowable waiting time required before the vehicle can be driven safely.  Anyone stating that vehicles can be put immediately back into service following the auto glass replacement is plain and simply not telling the truth.  The AGRSS ANSI Standard requires that people engaged in auto glass installation inform the owner/operator of the vehicle exactly when their car can be put back into service and that this time frame be provided prior to and following the auto glass replacement.  Since your windshield is a safety device and structural component of the automobile, intended to keep occupants in the vehicle in the event of a collision, make sure to learn what this time frame is from your qualified auto glass technician and follow it.  Such advice is all about you and your families safety!  For the glass shop, it’s the law.


The adjacent Stop Sign Poster, which is usually on display at your selected auto glass company, shows that your family's safety is our #1 concern.  By clicking on the link, you’ll be able to learn the 5 driving principles observed and followed by your selected auto glass company to help ensure your safety.




The below video link is provided to demonstrate what a vehicle goes through in a collision.  It is this testing method that is used to validate the required quality and SDAT’s of adhesive systems used in the safe replacement of auto glass.  Following your review of this short clip, it will further reinforce your desire to make sure you get the right job done along with the right price!


Vehicle Crash Test

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