D20/D30 Calypso

The Continuous mixer for quality mortars

Easy to Handle and easy to move

The D20/D30 Calypso is designed for an easy to use application under harsh site conditions.

The one-button operation gives you mortar whenever you need it. The mortar can be transported in a wheelbarrow, crane bucket or better in the m-tec P20V Speedy or P30V Speedy pump for easy delivery to the point of application Equipped with two wheels the D20/D30 Calypso can be moved easily to nearly every point of demand

Expandable System

Both continuous mixers D20/D30 Calypso can be equipped with a filter cap, so the at it is possible to use them with material delivered in a silo or super bags. As stated, it is possible to use the D20/D30 Calypso in combination with m-tec's Speedy pump line ensures your investment for the future to use nearly all kinds of pumpable materials

Continuous Mixing System

As with all m-tec equipment, your jobs become very smooth. Set the water once, and work the whole day, no need to worry about the water content and mixing time. The built-in bag opener replace knives, providing safety on site.

dual and three phase power supply

All D20/D30 Calypso models are available in a dual and a three-phase version to meet any site conditions.


The D20/D30 Calypso mixers are user friendly. They are easy to strip down, clean, and transport to and from your job site.