BMI 690 Plaster Light

Standard, Standard w/Fibers, Accelerated, & Accelerated w/Fibers

BMI 690 Light is a premium pre-blended cement-lime-sand mixture that has been specially formulated for the scratch and brown coat. This pre-blended product assures consistent quality throughout the project.

With BMI 690 Light, you only need to add clean, potable water. BMI 690 Light has been formulated for spray applications but can be applied by hand as well. Either way, there is no waste - use only what material is needed and take the leftovers to your next job. Due to the thickness in its application, BMI 690 Light holds onto moisture longer thus curing slower and minimizing suction on the wall surface resulting in more color uniformity, reduced cracking and higher yield of finish coat applications.

Where to use

BMI 690 light can be applied over any conventional substrate following the correct procedure for each different application by maintaining a proper bond and moisture barrier including: 

  • Open Stud
  • Wood Based Sheathing
  • Exterior Gypsum Sheathing 
  • Concrete Block/Masonry and over any conventional lath:
  • Self Furred Stucco Wire
  • Metal Lath
  • Structa Wire


  • Holds onto moisture longer thus curing slower and minimizing suction on the wall surface resulting in more color uniformity 
  • Reduced cracking and higher yield of finish coat applications
  • Easy to use, just add water
  • Spray and hand apply



BMI 690 Light is a pre-blended product and, therefore, can be mixed in a continuous mixer as well as a mechanical plaster mixer.

Mix for 3 minutes but never more than five minutes.

Do not over mix!

Continuous Mixer:

Using our portable silo, with a continuous mixer attached, the BMI 690 Light system is complete. The material is delivered in bulk form, mixed with the correct amount of water through the continuous mixer and sprayed on the wall. All you provide is a pump and the labor to even out the material after application. We train on the job site for the first day of use to ensure correct usage of machinery. We also have a technician in the field for troubleshooting.

The surface to receive BMI 690 Light needs to be clean, dry and dust free. Wire or metal lath need to be fastened properly to prevent sagging of the wire or metal lath when plaster is applied. If used over wire or lath push product through wire or lath to get a good adhesion to the substrate. Applications up to 7/8" can be made in one step without sagging.

While BMI 690 is specially formulated for spray application, rotor stator pump, Tommy gun, hopper gun, it can also be applied by hand trowel. BMI 690’s unique formulation allows for more material to remain on the wall and not be wasted due to fallout or overspray.

Trowel or spray on mixture to full depth of scratch and brown. Level off walls but do not overwork material. Do not wet float the brown coat.

Before the finish coat is applied BMI 690 needs to be cured for a minimum of 7days per UBC code 2508.


90 lb. bag: ....@ 1.2-1.3 sq yd at 7/8"
1 ton (silo): ....@ 26-28 sq yd at 7/8"


Material Standards

BMI 690 meets ASTM C 926-98a for Portland Cement based plaster

Raw materials meet or exceed the following standards:

  • Portland Type I-II Cement: ASTM C150-56
  • Type S Lime: ASTM C206
  • Limestone, siliceous graded sands: ASTM C897