Sikagard 550W

Sikagard® 550W Elastocolor is an elastomeric, crack-bridging, anti-carbonation, acrylic protective coating. Sikagard® 550W Elastocolor provides protection to reinforced concrete from the ingress of carbon dioxide and other aggressive gasses. It offers high resistance to chlorides and other waterborne salts and excellent UV light resistance. Sikagard® 550W Elastocolor will not act as a vapor barrier and will enhance the appearance of the structure.

where to use

Protective, crack-bridging coating for concrete, mortar, stucco, masonry, and exterior finishing systems subject to cracking/dynamic movement. For use on building and civil engineering structures subject to cracking or as the top coat in complete repair and protection systems.


  • Excellent carbonation barrier.
  • Vapor permeable.
  • Provides resistance to weathering and frost.
  • Crack bridging properties maintained at low temperatures.
  • Excellent long term UV light resistance.
  • Can be applied by brush, roller, or airless spray.
  • Good color stability.
  • Extremely resistant to dirt pick up and mildew.
  • Non-flammable as a system.
  • Easily maintained silk finish.



Stir the coating to ensure uniformity using a slow speed (400-600 rpm) drill and 1/2" jiffy style mixing paddle. To minimize color variation when using multiple units, blend two pails of Sikagard® 550W Elastocolor. Use one pail and maintain the second pail to repeat this procedure (boxing) for the entire application.


Any areas of glass or other surfaces should be masked. Recommended application temperatures (ambient and substrate) 45°-95°F (7°-35°C). Sikagard® 550W Elastocolor can be applied by brush, roller, or spray over entire area moving in one direction. Allow a minimum of two hours prior to re-coating. At lower temperatures and high humidity, waiting time will be prolonged. At higher temperatures, work carefully to maintain a wet edge. As with all coatings, job site mock-ups should always be completed to confirm acceptability of workmanship, material and aesthetics.

NOTE: To achieve a dry film thickness of 16 mils, two coats should be anticipated. For maximum adhesion, (especially on porous substrates) the use of Sikagard® 552W is recommended. Sikagard® 552W primer can be applied by brush or roller. Brushing provides more even and pore free coats and better penetration.


Theoretical yield per coat: 100 ft²/gal/coat. Recommended wet film thickness: 16 mils/coat. Recommended dry film thickness: 8 mils/coat. Normal coating system is two coats at a total dry film thickness of 16 mils. Consumption is dependent on porosity of substrate. In addition, allowance must be made for surface profile, unavoidable variation in applied film thickness, loss and waste. Sikagard® Elastic Base Coat can be used as a first coat in a two coat system of Sikagard® 550W Elastocolor.