Sikaquick 1000

Rapid hardening repair mortar with extended working time

SikaQuick® 1000 is a 1-component, rapid hardening, early strength gaining, cementitious, patching material for concrete.

Where to use

  • Use on grade, above, and below grade on concrete.
  • Highway overlays and repairs.
  • Structural repair material for concrete roadways, parking structures, bridges, dams and ramps.
  • Full depth patching repairs.
  • Economical patching material for horizontal repairs of concrete and mortar.


  • Specially suited for hot weather applications when extended working time is required.
  • Rapid hardening as defined by ASTM C-928.
  • Epoxy coatings can be applied as early as 6 hrs. On site testing is recommended for verification. Please consult coatings manufacturer for recommendations.
  • Freeze/thaw resistant.
  • Easy to use, labor-saving material.
  • Not gypsum-based.
  • High early strength.
  • Open to foot traffic in 4 hours; to vehicle traffic in 6 hours (at 73°F).
  • Easily applied to clean, sound substrate.Not a vapor barrier.



Mechanically mix in an appropriately sized mortar mixer. Wet down all tools and mixer to be used. With water: Start with 4.5 pints of water added to the mixing vessel.

Add 1 bag of SikaQuick® 1000 while continuing to mix. Add up to another 1/2 pint of water to achieve desired consistency. Do not over-water. With Latex R: Pour 4.5 pints of SikaLatex ® R into the mixing container. Slowly add powder, mix and adjust as above. With diluted Latex R: SikaLatex ® R may be diluted up to 5:1 (water: SikaLatex ® R) for projects requiring minimal polymer modification. Pour 4.5 pints of the mixture into the mixing container. Slowly add powder, mix and adjust as above. For applica- tions greater than 1 in. in depth, add 3/8 in. coarse aggregate. The aggregate must be non-reactive (reference ASTM C-1260, C-227 and C-289), clean, well graded, saturated surface dry, have low absorption and high density, and comply with ASTM C-33 size number 8 per Table 2. 

Note: Variances in aggregate may result in different strengths. The addition rate is 25 lbs. of aggregate per bag of SikaQuick® 1000. (25 lbs. of 3/8 in. aggregate is approximately 2.0 gallons by loose volume of aggregate). Do not exceed a slump of 7 in. This may cause excessive bleeding and retardation and will reduce the strength and performance of the material.


The prepared mortar must be scrubbed into substrate. Be sure to fill all pores and voids. Force material against edge of repair, working toward center. After filling repair, screed off excess. Allow concrete to set to desired stiffness, then finish. If a smoother finish is desired, a magnesium float should be used. Mixing, placing, and finishing should not exceed 30 minutes maximum. To control setting times, cold water should be used in hot weather and hot water used in cold weather


Approximately 0.42 cu. ft. When extended with 25 lbs. of 3/8 in. gravel yield is approximately 0.58 cu. ft.