Sikaflex Textured Sealant

One-component, all purpose, polyurethane sealant

Sikaflex Textured Sealant is a moisture-cured, 1-component, polyurethane-based, non-sag elastomeric sealant capable of +/25% joint movement. Meets Federal specification TT-S- 00230C, Type II Class A. Meets ASTM C-920, Type S, Grade NS, Class 25.

Where to Use

Designed for all types of joints where maximum depth of sealant will not exceed inch. Suitable for vertical and horizontal joints; readily placeable at 40°F (4°C). Has many applications as an elastic sealant between materials with dissimilar coefficients of expansion. Ideal for:

  • Weatherproofing of joints between brickwork, blockwork, masonry, wood and concrete or metal frames
  • Joints in walls, balconies, around window or door frames
  • Expansion joints


  • Excellent adhesion - bonds to most construction materials without a primer
  • Textured appearance blends well to rough or stucco type surfaces
  • Hides imperfections from tooling that a smooth sealant does not
  • Excellent resistance to aging, weathering
  • Non-staining
  • Paintable with water-, oil- and rubber-based paints
  • High elasticity - cures to a tough, durable, flexible consistency with exceptional cut and tear-resistance
  • Stress relaxation
  • Urethane-based; suggested by EPA for radon reduction



Recommended application temperatures: 40°-100°F (4°-38°C). For cold weather application, condition units at approximately 70°F (21°C); remove prior to using. For best performance, Sikaflex Textured Sealant should be gunned into joint when joint slot is at mid-point of its designed expansion and contraction. Place nozzle of gun into bottom of the joint and fill entire joint. Keep the nozzle in the sealant, continue on with a steady flow of sealant preceding the nozzle to avoid air entrapment. Avoid overlapping of sealant to eliminate entrapment of air.


10.1 fl. oz. cartridge seals 12.2 lineal ft. of x in. joint.