Exterior Stucco

BMI Plain Stucco is a cement based product for a permanent decorative finish over exterior surfaces. Material is factory prepared using raw ingredients that meet or exceed ASTM specifications. BMI exterior stucco is prepared in a gray base. Textures available are 16/20 or Dash. 

It is not recommended to mix BMI Plain Stucco with color pigments. 

Exterior Stucco Textures and Finishes

Find the suggested application procedure by downloading our stucco texture and finish chart. 

Where to use

  • BMI Plain Stucco is economical and low maintenance
  • It is a decorative finish designed to be painted


  • Long life cycle
  • Economical 
  • Fire resistant 
  • Impact resistant
  • Insect resistant 


The brown coat shall be a uniform properly prepared Portland cement based substrate. The brown coat should be moist cured at least 48 hours and allowed to dry completely for a minimum of 7 days.

Exterior stucco finish shall be power mixed with clean water for at least 15 minutes to assure complete hydration. Do not attempt to temper material that has started to set under most conditions, a batch will not start to set up for 90 minutes. 

Finishes shall be 1/16" to 1/8" thick.

Hand Application:
Apply using trowel. Spread on even coat then rubber float (sand finish) or trowel to desired texture.

Gun Application:
Spray first coat over dry surface and cover base coat completely. After first coat has dried, spray second coat in thinner consistency and bring to the desired texture. During periods of hot and dry weather, lightly mist with clean water. BMI exterior stucco finish will normally dry and set the same day. Finish hardness will be reached in 29 days.

Do not apply with temperature below 40 degrees F. 


Coverage's are affected by method of application, existing surface conditions and the texture desired. Approximate coverage's per 90 lb bag are:

Finish Area
Sand/Float 12-16 sq yds
Machine/Dash 8-12 sq yds


Material Standards

  • Hydrated Type-S Lime: ASTM C-206
  • White Portland Cement: ASTM C-150 Type 1
  • BMI Exterior Stucco Finish: Conforms to ASTM C-926 Recommendations