Concrete and plaster bonding agent

SikaLiquid® Weld is a VAE based re-emulsifyable bonding agent. SikaLiquid® Weld is used to bond new concrete, stucco, tile setting beds and terrazzo to any structural sound surface, interior and exterior.

Where to use

  • Bond new concrete to new or old concrete
  • Interior or Exterior use
  • Vertical or Horizontal 
  • Use on concrete, concrete block, cement board, hardiboard, plywood, brick, plaster, tile, gypsum, or stone


  • Re-emulsifiable or re-wettable
  • Extended open time 
  • Increased bond strength
  • High build bonding agent
  • Improved repair durability



  • Prior to installation, stir SikaLiquid® Weld before use for consistent dispersion
  • Apply Undiluted


  • Apply SikaLiquid® Weld uniformly over the substrate using a stiff brush, broom, roller or spray to form a continuous film.
  • Reapply SikaLiquid® Weld that are not covered entirely.
  • Allow film to dry for approximately 1 hour prior to application of mortars, concrete or stucco.
  • Dry time can be affected by temperature and humidity, check to make sure product is dry to the touch before topping.
  • Extremely porous substrates may require 2 coats of SikaLiquid® Weld.
  • Protect newly applied SikaLiquid® Weld from dust, dirt, debris and moisture.


150-300 ft2 (14-27.9 m2) per can