Stucco Application Procedure

Available in exterior stucco colors

Product Description


BMI Integral color exterior stucco provides a durable, long lasting finish that is applied by hand or machine to a brown/base coat. 


BMI exterior stucco finish with its blend of Portland cement, Hydrated Lime and proprietary ingredients are blended mechanically with our signature mixing procedure to ensure consistency. 


BMI has 30 standard colors available in a premixed base or color pack. Custom colors are also available upon request. Integral color does not require painting and is low maintenance. 


Coverage's are affected by method of application, existing surface conditions and the texture desired. Approximate coverage's per 90 lb bag are:

  • Sand/Float finish 12-16 Sq Yds.
  • Lace/Texture finish 10-14 Sq Yds.
  • Machine/Dash finish 8-12 Sq Yds.
  • Smooth/Marble finish 14-18 Sq Yds.

Shelf Life

BMI exterior stucco finish has a shelf life of six (6) months if kept in dry conditions. 

Job Procedure

Condition of Base

Hand application over Portland cement: prior to the application of BMI exterior finish coat, the base coat should be sprayed with clean water to control and equalize absorption. 

Machine application over Portland cement: base coat shall be dry. It is not necessary to dampen the base coat before application of exterior finish by machine, as the compound itself has ample moisture when mixed for this purpose. 


a. Exterior stucco finish shall be power mixed with clean water for at least 15 minutes to assure complete hydration. Do not attempt to temper material that has started to set. Under most conditions, a batch will not start to set up for 90 minutes. 

b. When adding color, mix all cartons of color to be used for one batch with water until color is evenly dispersed. 


a. Finishes shall be 1/16" to 1/18" thick.

b. Hand application: apply using trowel. Spread on even coat then rubber float (sand finish) or trowel to desired texture. 

c. Machine application: Spray first coat over dry surface and cover base coat completely. After first coat has dried, spray second coat in a thinner consistency and bring to the desired texture. During periods of hot and dry weather, lightly mist with clean water. BMI exterior stucco finish will normally dry and set the same day. Final hardness will be reached in 28 days.

Material Standards

a. Hydrated Type-S Lime: ASTM C-206

b. White Portland Cement: ASTM C-150 Type 1

c. BMI Exterior Stucco Finish: Conforms to ASTM C 926 Recommendations