Sika Level-01 Primer Plus

Concrete primer and sealer for use with Sika® Level-125 and Sika® Level-315.

Sika® Level-01 Primer is a one-part, water-dispersed and solvent-free, acrylic-based solution used to prime and seal floor surfaces prior to the application of Sika® Level-125 and Sika® Level-315 underlayment.

Where to use

  • For absorbent substrates 
  • Concrete and cement screeds
  • Suitable on OSB and plywood
  • Particularly suitable as an adhesion promoter and surface sealer beneath Sika Level products, enhancing the bond and integrity of the underlayment when applied onto porous substrates


  • Water-based and solvent-free
  • Penetrates substrate to reduce outgassing and formation of bubbles in the underlayment
  • Prevents water loss from the underlayment into the substrate
  • 10 minutes on concrete
  • Effectively seals concrete surfaces in a single, economic operation
  • Low VOC and low odor 
  • Interior and exterior use



Before applying Sika® Level-01 Primer, thoroughly shake the container in which the material is supplied to agitate the contents, ensure all solids are distributed throughout the dispersion and a uniform consistency is achieved.


Ensure that both concrete/cement based substrates and ambient temperatures are between (50°F)10°C - 95°F(35°C) before commencing the application of Sika® Level-01 Primer. The stated application temperatures are to be achieved before priming and should be maintained for a period of at least 3 days after installation of the underlayment. Should colder conditions prevail, make allowance for the use of indirect and vented heaters to achieve and maintain the application temperature required. Where temperatures exceed 86°F(30°C), refer to and follow ACI hot weather application and protection guidelines.


Approximately 325 to 500 ft.²gal or 8 to 10 m²/ltr approximately. Coverage figures do not include allowance for surface profile and porosity or material waste.