Sikagard 535

Liquid Applied, Single Component, Acrylic Vapor Permeable Air Barrier

Sikagard 535 is a low VOC, single component, liquid applied, elastomeric membrane designed to provide a vapor permeable air and water barrier when applied to above-grade wall assemblies. It is acrylic-based and cures to a tough monolithic rubber-like membrane that resists air leakage and water penetration when applied to plywood and gypsum sheathing, concrete and concrete masonry units.

Where to use

To be used in conjunction with Sika ® MultiSeal ® 515 Self-Adhered Transition Seam Tape and Sikaflex 11FC. Acceptable substrates are above grade exterior wall substrates including precast concrete, cast-in place concrete, concrete block, primed steel, aluminum mill finish, anodized aluminum, galvanized metal, gypsum board and wood.


  • Low odor, low VOC
  • Seamless, elastomeric membrane for above grade wall applications
  • Easy to install, cost effective brush, roller or spray application using common spray equipment
  • UV Stable for 6 month exposure
  • Water vapor permeance allows wall assemblies to dry out
  • Excellent adhesion to common construction surfaces
  • Meets industry performance standards to control air movement
  • Low surface burning characteristics as appropriate for compliance with NFPA 285 



Stir liquid membrane thoroughly prior to application.


Sikagard 535 ® may be applied by brush, roller or spray. Application by conventional air assisted spray equipment in a single or dual-coat application is the preferred method. Apply liquid air barrier membrane in a continuous, monolithic application pattern to achieve a uniform coating of permeable air and water barrier membrane. Monitor applications to measure wet mil thickness and avoid creating sags or runs. Pretreat outside corners, wall openings and mechanical penetrations with Sika ® MultiSeal 515 Self-Adhered Transition Seam Tape. Apply liquid air barrier membrane to fully cover transition membrane applications. Tie-in to structural beams, columns, floor slabs and intermittent floors, parapet curbs, foundation walls, roofing systems and at the interface of dissimilar materials with Sika ® MultiSeal ® 515 Self-Adhered Transition Seam Tape and or approved flashing membrane. Mark areas off and ensure that the appropriate volume has been applied over each area. During spraying, the product should be applied in horizontal strokes, then vertical strokes in a cross-hatch method to ensure even application. Spray applications must be immediately back-rolled. Protect wall areas covered with Sikagard 535 Liquid Applied Acrylic Vapor Permeable Air Barrier from damage due to construction activities, high wind conditions, and extended exposure to inclement weather. Review condition of Sikagard ® 535 Liquid Applied Acrylic Vapor Permeable Air Barrier prior to installation of cladding. Repair, or remove and replace damaged sections with new membrane. Recommend to cap and protect exposed back-up walls against wet weather conditions during and after application of membrane, including wall openings and construction activity above completed water-resistive vapor permeable air barrier installations.


Apply at a rate of 100 sf per gallon to achieve a uniform wet film thickness of 16 mils.