BMI Silo System

The Clean Choice

The BMI Silo System is the key component of our environmentally friendly bulk delivery system.

Architectural Package

Architectural package for BMI 690 and the Silo System

Silo Specifications:

On-Side Silo

Key Features:

  • Environmentally friendly, reusable silos, no dust and no disposal of bags and no product waste
  • Uniform color throughout the job
  • All materials are weighted prior to blending, assuring consistent products every time
  • All products are certified by an independent laboratory


Height 27'
Footprint 8' x 8'
Weight Empty 5,000 lbs
Maximum weight (full) 65,000 lbs


Operating Manual

Please Note:
Only BMI Products has the specialized equipment required to place and move silos. 

Key Advantages:

The Clean Choice
Environmentally the silo system is unbeatable. No large piles of sand, empty cement bags blowing about and no empty pallets left behind. At the end of the job the silo is simply picked up leaving little or no debris/sand piles to cleanup. Also the amount of waste water generated is greatly reduced since the silo system requires very little water to wash out.

No Dirty Sand
The issue of "dirty sand" is eliminated by using only crushed, cleaned and graded sand in all pre-blended products.

Unmatched Consistency
The patented silo system equipped with a continuous mixer produces a uniform and consistent mixture from the project start to finish. Unlike made-in-field mixes all BMI mixes are factory pre-blended by a computerized system. This helps to decrease cracking, increase product consistency and produces a better finished product. 

Tiny Footprint
The patented silo system requires little space on the jobsite, requiring only an 8 x 8 area in which to setup in. 

Cold Weather Secure
No loss or waste of products during inclement weather. The silo system is an enclosed system which does not allow for contamination by dirt or water. Any leftover product is simply recycled unlike conventional sand and cement which must be cleaned up and hauled away. 

High Capacity
The silo system is designed to maximize the productivity and profitability of your project with a high mixing capacity and easy operation. 

Extreme Quality
The silo system produces optimum quality BMI mixes due to a consistent material flow and regulated water intake. 

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