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Sikafloor Exhibits & Events

Sika flooring host events all over the country. Meet our team of experts and learn about our innovative products. Find out if we are coming to your city next!

renovation of a facility

Renovating an operating facility

Renovating an operating plant is complex work that has its own unique challenges compared to building a new facility. This applies equally to ceilings, walls, doors, utilities, lighting, floors and all other major features.

types of rollers

Types of roller covers

Using the right tool for the right job makes all the difference to produce a quality installation. There is a wide variety of rollers available to assist in leveling and finishing floors. Learn which type you should use for your application.

construction workers considering renovation

Guidelines for a successful floor installation

Sika Flooring has developed a set of common-sense guidelines for project managers and engineers responsible for specifying floor and wall coating systems. Learn about our six selection and installation guidelines. 

food and beverage bottle facility

Hygienic Floors For Food & Beverage Environments

Choosing and installing the right floor is critical to every work environment. With that goal in mind, let's talk about getting it right the first time, because getting it wrong is too expensive to think about. 

hospital floor and walls

Hospital Floor and Wall Finishes

There are a variety of different use areas within a hospital and no ones floor finish is perfect for every environment. There is new technology available that addresses some of the deficiencies of commercial flooring when used in hospitals.

seamless perfection

Step Into Seamless Perfection

Sika flooring has developed a proven process of application stages for our liquid applied flooring materials. Achieve seamless floors throughout your facility and maintain lasting beauty and easy maintenance by checking out these 6 steps. 

Hygienically Sealed Floors

Traditional flooring systems produce gaps and joints when installed, which then become the weakest part of the floor and allows dirt and bacteria to harbor. Check out three of our different flooring options, with diagrams, to see which floor will leave you with less worry. 

Food & Beverage Selection Guide

In the food and beverage industries there are multiple rooms that inquiry different needs. With Sika's floor and wall selection guide for the food and beverage industry, you will discover the right floors for your specific environment.