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Sika is hosting continuing education events in person and online regularly, about once per quarter. Register today to stay up to date on the next event where you can earn AIA, CEU, HSW or RCI credits!

Webinar Topics


Solar Roof Systems Demo

This webinar will identify the potential issues with a rooftop solar installation, what questions you should be asking and how to avoid serious, costly problems. Installing a solar roof system on your building should be a decision that rewards you with energy savings as well as piece of mind knowing you are doing your part to help the environment. To learn more about the benefits of installing a solar roof, watch this webinar.  

Concrete Webinars

Sika Slab Solutions Webinar

This webinar will help attendees identify the potential issues of concrete shrinkage, the costs associated with fixing them, and how Sika's Slab on Grade system can help avoid serious, costly problems.