The windshield is a critical component of a vehicles safety system. In addition to its many safety functions, the windshield also serves as the backboard or stop for passenger side airbag inflation. In the event of a collision, if a windshield is not installed properly, it can come loose and separate from the vehicle, potentially causing serious bodily injury to the occupants.

An important part of creating an adhesive system that provides a safe windshield installation is to provide a system which is easy to use and will reduce the possibility of errors. At Sika we work hard to engineer the highest quality products, when used in accordance with our complete installation instructions, will give you peace of mind. By testing to the highest safety standards our mission becomes clear; to provide the safest adhesive system available anywhere.  Your safety is Sika’s highest priority.

To date, Sika has performed more than 50 crash tests worldwide to assess the crash worthiness of our adhesives.