Expert Solutions for the Building Envelope

A building needs a high performance "envelope" that provides unyielding protection from the elements.  SikaSmart from Sika Corporation is designed to do just that.  Every portion of your building’s outer structure, from roof and exterior walls to basement, can be vulnerable to water intrusion and weathering causing wet insulation, air leakage and premature deterioration of construction materials.  These problems often result in costly, poor indoor air quality – even a shortened lifespan of your most valuable asset, the building itself.

It's your environment. Take control of it with building envelope solutions from Sika.

Sika Corporation has a remarkable 100 years of experience developing and producing a wide range of quality products and systems that cover, seal, bond, strengthen, reinforce, repair and protect every portion of a building’s outer structure.


Protecting a building and its contents from the elements starts with the roof. Sika tackles roofing and roofing performance head-on with a versatile line of long-lasting, single-ply and liquid-applied membrane systems proven to safeguard facilities in all climates. Sika roofing systems enable building owners to avoid continuous, costly maintenance while protecting the building envelope from ongoing deterioration. Sustainability features enable owners to realize a higher ROI.

From world-renowned art museums to warehouse, roofing systems from Sika Corporation have been providing reliable protection to facilities from around the world for nearly 50 years, in all types of climates.

Sika Roofing Solutions:

Exterior Walls & Windows

Appearance counts, but that's only part of the story when it comes to a building's facade. Sika has advanced high-performance products and systems for exterior walls and windows that help to conserve energy, enhance visual appearance, and keep natural elements and weathering from penetrating the building exterior and ultimately, the structure itself.

Sika Exterior Wall & Window Solutions:


Balconies must stand up to all of the debilitating elements of the outdoors, and function as a comfortable and
attractive living space. Solutions from Sika make this possible, with flexible membranes and sealants that help balconies withstand the damaging effects of the environment, keep water from entering the building’s structure, and create an appealing space.

Sika Balcony Solutions:

Interior & Mechanical Spaces

Sika’s decorative flooring for industrial, commercial and institutional buildings has a well- earned reputation for outstanding performance, reliability and aesthetics that dates back an incredible 80 years. Low—VOC systems produce a rugged, long- lasting, seamless surface with outstanding resistance to abrasion, chemicals, impact, thermal shock and UV. Innovative concrete additives and primers, suited for fast track construction and moisture vapor control, supplement core products that also include self- leveling underlayments.

Sika Solutions for Interior and Mechanical Spaces:

Plaza Decks

Sika's line of single-ply and liquid-applied membranes deliver watertight protection and long- term durability for a wide variety of building applications and conditions. These membranes stay watertight in buried environments with extreme conditions that include constant dampness, ponding water, high and low alkaline conditions and exposure to plant roots, fungi, and bacteria.

Sika Plaza Deck Solutions:

Parking Garages

Select from a wide range of elastomeric, crack bridging waterproofing solutions specially developed to protect and repair concrete exposed to vehicular traffic. Cracks, leaks and other defects in concrete result in accelerated corrosion in reinforced concrete. Corrosion of steel in concrete leads to spalls which, at best are unsightly, and at worst pose a threat to public safety.  Sika solutions make concrete impermeable to water and other contaminates. Coatings protect walls and ceilings. High performance aliphatic topcoats offer application flexibility with custom decorative options.

Sika Parking Garage Solutions:

Below Grade

Sika addresses the unique conditions of below grade construction with a variety of admixtures that make concrete impermeable to water, along with high performance waterstop products that result in watertight joints. High performance concrete is the key to producing a concrete that repels water, is more durable, and resists the cracking that often leads to corrosion.

Sika Below Grade Solutions: