SikaControl® WT-240 P RED

SikaControl® WT-240 P Red is an integral powdered crystalline-based permeability reducing admixture (PRA) for use in various watertight concrete applications where traceability of PRA product is required. SikaControl® WT-240 P Red contains a red color tracer that will turn the concrete red in color. 

Made for Precast:

  • Easy Batching
  • 4lb of Red Color Pigment Tracer Element
  • Faster Initial Set Times
  • Stronger 1 Day Compressive Strength
  • Best in Class Results in:
    • Effects on Slump and Air
    • ASTM E96 Standard Test Method for Water Vapor Transmission
    • ASTM C1585 Standard Test Method for Measurement of Rate of Absorption of Water by Hydraulic-Cement Concretes
    • DIN 1048 testing of Hardened Concrete    

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Features & Benefits

  • Lower construction cost compared to traditional types of waterproofing.
  • Simple one-step use results in reduced application time and faster construction process.
  • Uniform waterproofing throughout the entire concrete volume.
  • Improved resistance against hydrostatic pressure. 
  • Elimination of risk related to surface damage during construction process. 
  • Ability to seal concrete cracks up to 0.016 in (0.40 mm). 
  • Easy application due to repulpable bags.

Typical Applications

  • Precast Concrete
  • Manholes
  • Concrete Pipes
  • Underground Secondary Containment Structures
  • Septic Tanks
  • Tunneling