A breathable, low visibility, non-film-forming surface treatment that provides water and stain repellency to interior or exterior concrete surfaces.

SCOFIELD® Repello® FPS is a proprietary blend of inorganic fluorinated polysiloxane polymers designed to deeply penetrate porous cementitious surfaces and render them water repellent and stain resistant. It is barely perceptible when dry, breathable, will not crack or peel, and penetrates to leave surfaces resistant to staining from oils, sugar, and common foods. It is suitable for use on flat, angled, and vertical surfaces.

  • Breathable non-film forming surface treatment.
  • Low odor water based formulation.
  • Blocks food stains from penetrating into surfaces.
  • Exterior durable and UV light stable.
  • Apply by brush, roller, or spray.
  • Will not gum or spider-web in hot conditions.