LITHOCHROME® Tintura™ Stain

A high performance, low-odor, reactive polymer stain for interior or exterior concrete and other cementitious surfaces

LITHOCHROME® Tintura™ Stain is a high performance low-odor, reactive polymer stain for coloring interior or exterior vertical or horizontal concrete and other cementitious surfaces. Designed for direct application, its reactive chemistry bonds strongly to surfaces so that even thin applications resist degradation from weather and ultra-violet light. LITHOCHROME® Tintura™ Stain is semi-opaque. It can be applied lightly to gently tone surfaces, layered to simulate the variegated effects of reactive acid stains, or applied to full opacity for a paint like appearance. LITHOCHROME® Tintura™ Stain is not designed as a stand-alone floor finish. After application, it must be sealed with a premium protective coating such as Scofield® Selectseal Plus™, Scofield® Cureseal-700™, Scofield® Cureseal-350™, or Scofield® Cureseal-100™.  

  • Self-crosslinking acrylic and inorganic silicate polymers penetrate, strengthen, and tightly bind color.
  • Quick-dry, low odor formula minimizes job delays.
  • Resists color bleed from solvent or water based topcoats.
  • Can be layered to simulate natural stone.
  • Apply by brush, or preferably by spray equipment.