SikaControl® WT-240 P RED


SikaControl® WT-240 P RED is an integral powdered crystalline based permeability reducing admixture (PRA) for use in various watertight concrete applications where traceability of PRA product is required. SikaControl® WT-240 P RED contains a red color tracer that will turn the concrete red in color.

SikaControl® WT-240 P RED is a plant added crystalline based permeability reducing admixture. SikaControl® WT-240 P RED uses a unique combination of active ingredients, which react with the moisture within the concrete and with various products of the cement hydration process. This interaction forms insoluble compounds throughout the capillary and air void system in concrete matrix, resulting in the reduced ability of concrete to conduct water flow.  Use of SikaControl® WT-240 P RED in watertight concrete application can result in:
▪ Lower construction cost compare to traditional types of waterproofing.
▪ Simple one-step use results in reduced application time and faster construction process.
▪ Uniform waterproofing throughout the entire concrete volume.
▪ Improved resistance against hydrostatic pressure.
▪ Elimination of risk related to surface damage during construction process.
▪ Ability to seal concrete cracks up to 0.016 in (0.40 mm).
▪ Easy application due to repulpable bags.