Sika’s pledge to sustainable development and our directive of “More value, less impact” goes beyond engineering high-performance floor and wall products that have a minimal environmental impact. Our durable floor systems far outlast other alternative surface options, such as carpet, and don’t prematurely enter landfills.

For instance, a carpeted floor has a life expectancy of about 5 years in a commercial setting. Alternatively, a resinous Sikafloor system will last up to 30 years with proper care in the same environment. Furthermore, only 10% of carpet is recycled with the rest entering the waste stream.


The Noble Training Kitchen’s established by the Federal Emergency Management Administration in Anniston, AL had a crisis of it’s own. The facility had 30,000 square feet of failing concrete floors that represented an imminent hazard to staff and trainees.

“We had a lot of people come look at the floor, but no one had a good solution,” commented John Page, the general contractor, “Concrete was not an option due to the weight and thickness ranges. Then we called Sika Flooring and they said they had just the right systems for us” .

Working with Sika and its local Elite Sikafloor installer, Extreme IFC, the general contractor was given a solution that not only repaired the floors but kept tons of old concrete and rebar out of the landfill

Sika’s wide range of repair products stabilized and remedied the failing concrete substrate so that it could accept the installation of a Sika high-performance PurCem System, a cementitious polyurethane mortar, and provide a seamless, sanitary floor that will last for decades.

This is just one example of Sika’s innovative approach to engineering long-lasting and sustainable solutions that meet unique requirements while protecting the environment by reducing or eliminating landfill deposits.

FEMA Noble Kitchen facility before the repairs were made.
FEMA Noble Kitchen facility after the flooring and concrete had been repaired.