Liquid Applied Acrylic Vapor Permeable Air Barrier

Sikagard 530 Liquid Applied Acrylic Vapor Permeable Air Barrier is a low VOC,single-component liquid applied, elastomeric membrane designed to provide a vapor permeable air and water barrier when applied to above-grade wall assemblies. It is acrylic-based and cures to a tough monolithic rubber-like membrane that resists air leakage and water penetration when applied to plywood and gypsum sheathing, concrete and concrete masonry units.

  • Evaluated by the Air Barrier Association of America
  • Passes ASTM E 2357.
  • Low odor, low VOC.
  • Seamless, elastomeric membrane for above grade wall applications.
  • Easy to install, cost effective brush, roller or spray application using common spray equipment.
  • UV Stable for 6 month exposure.
  • Water vapor permeance allows wall assemblies to dry out.
  • Excellent adhesion to common construction surfaces.
  • Meets industry performance standards to control air movement.
  • Evaluated for use in NFPA 285 assemblies.