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Sika's Customer Knowledge Center is aimed at helping contractors maintain internal project efficiency and create cost-effective solutions for their customers. We address topics such as Product Data Sheet Comparison, Project Estimations, Contractor Tools and Calculators and Project Management.

radon mitigation with sealant
Protect Your Health with the EPA Sealant Choice for Radon Mitigation

This article talks about how radon could affect health of the building inhabitants and the use of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recognized urethane-based sealants for radon mitigation could help avoid the issue.

Roof to Air Barrier
Effectively Tie Your Roof and Air Barrier System

The most critical detail in the building envelope is determining how the roof system will tie into the air barrier system. This article shows, in detail, how the connection is made.

commerical refurbishment
Estimation Software for Commercial Refurbishment

Entering a Google search for commercial refurbishment estimation software yields over 600,000 results. There are clearly many solutions out there that can help you estimate costs for your projects, but which one is the right choice for you?

commerical roofing FM test
Factory Mutual Testing for Commercial Roofing

In the world of commercial roofing, no approval is more important than Factory Mutual (FM). FM was originally conceived as a testing laboratory dedicated to reducing insurance claims by creating performance standards for building products to address the costliest causes of building damage.

commercial refurbishment
Commercial Refurbishment Before and After

The general public might overlook concrete repair's ongoing contributions to the cause of sustainability, but the Baltimore Arts School commercial refurbishment project proves that concrete repair is all about sustainability.

floor finish
Five Steps for Flawless Flooring

In every aspect of the flooring project – from planning to mockups, from installation to cure time – the common ingredient of success is your involvement. To get the very most out of your Sika Flooring investment, you must become part of the process; insist on mockups and deftly manage the installation environment.