The Baltimore Arts School 2014

Baltimore Arts School
Commercial Refurbishment Before and After

The general public might overlook concrete repair's ongoing contributions to the cause of sustainability, but the Baltimore Arts School commercial refurbishment project proves that concrete repair is all about sustainability.

Imaginative thinking coupled with the concrete repair solutions by Sika, available today, and the spirit of commercial refurbishment innovation are the hallmarks of this amazing success story, which is now called “The Baltimore Arts School.”

The structure was built a century ago. The two known occupants of this building were a bottle manufacturing company and a clothing factory. Designed to perfection for optimal use of energy, this building served well the city of Baltimore for three quarters of a century. In the 1980s, this structure became
 a victim of the decline of the manufacturing industry – replicating the overall national trend. The building was sealed and abandoned, and in need of commercial refurbishment. After a quarter of a century, circumstances presented themselves that allowed for the revival of this structure in a totally different capacity than what it was built for originally.

This building was selected to be the site of the Baltimore Arts School — with a clear mission to train the aspiring artists of tomorrow. Design, Financing, Commercial Refurbishment and Concrete Repair solutions by Sika and
 the collaboration of private 
and government sectors had 
to be at its best to deliver this success story.

Baltimore Arts School

From the ruins 
of an abandoned building rises the new home for the Baltimore Arts School — that will from now on and maybe another century or more will nourish the young creative minds. This project is a marketer's dream to highlight the contribution that Sika’s commercial refurbishment capabilities bring to the cause of sustainability! For more information on Sika’s commercial refurbishment and concrete repair solutions, contact a specialist today!