Entering a Google search for commercial refurbishment estimation software yields over 600,000 results. There are clearly many solutions out there that can help you estimate costs for your projects, but which one is the right choice for you?

As you begin your search, you’ll be bombarded with lists of features for each product. While these can all be dazzling, a better approach might be to focus on your business goals and look for the software solution that can help you achieve them.

Here are four target areas to consider when evaluating the most appropriate estimating software for your business.

Drive Revenue

Like most businesses, the construction industry is a numbers game: you’re going to win a certain percentage of the jobs you quote so the more quotes you get out, the more business you’re likely to win. The right estimating tool will accelerate the quoting process, allowing you to win more jobs.

It’s not just about speed, however. Those estimates also have to be competitive. An effective commercial refurbishment estimating software package should provide access to national and regional costs and pricing to let you know where you need to be to win jobs. It will also provide a database of the results of your previous quotes with particular customers or in specific cities or neighborhoods. This allows you to fine tune new quotes, increasing the chances you’ll win the business.

Increase Profitability

The right estimating solution will also help make sure you’re quoting and winning the right kinds of business. Your database history enables you to better track costs on specific types of jobs allowing you to target the most profitable work.

That means you’ll need an estimating solution that can be customized specifically to your business or commercial refurbishment project – pinpointing where you’re most efficient and successful and where your material and labor costs are most advantageous.

When it comes to the cost of your software, you should look at cloud-based solutions. This eliminates up front capital expense and enables the application to grow as your business expands without investing in additional on-premises software and hardware.

Improve Efficiency

Choosing the right software solution will also help you to reduce costs and improve profitability through improved efficiency.

Ease of use is critical. How long will it take to implement the program and train your team? Do they offer hands-on support that’s easy to get to or will you be on your own when issues arise? What kind of IT infrastructure is needed? Does the application require an extensive capital investment or a dedicated IT expert to maintain?

You should also look for the ability to build a library of documents and templates so you’re not reinventing the wheel for every commercial refurbishment project. You want to be able to store and easily update pricing matrices and material lists. Your team should be able to easily access the database to retrieve what they need quickly.

You can also pick up significant efficiency gains in your back office operations if the solution you pick is fully integrated with your financial accounting and purchasing software. This alleviates the need for endless redundant key clacking of the same information.

Now that everyone is using smartphones and tablets, your solution should be mobile enabled. This allows your sales team to quickly work out quotes and access information while they’re out in the field – a major time saver.


Enhance Customer Satisfaction

The right software will ultimately help drive improved customer satisfaction. We live in an on-demand world and clients want instant answers. Being able to quickly and easily deliver quotes to your customers will ensure that you won’t miss out on a commercial refurbishment project simply because the competition got to an impatient prospect before you did.

Also, showing clients you are up to speed on the latest technology will enhance your reputation and give them confidence that you are an organization that is on top of the latest developments in the construction field, as well.

Make Your Choice

TopTenReviews, an independent organization that aims to present unbiased product comparisons, recently rated estimation software solutions based on features, ease of use, customization, integration and support. Their top recommendations were Estimation 9, ProEst, Sage 300 and Corecon v7. Rounding out the top ten were WinEst, EastEst, BSE Estimator, Work in Progress, Estimate Master and CBD Estimating.

That list is a good place to start, but remember your unique situation might call for a completely different solution. It’s helpful to discuss your needs with someone who is familiar with your business. Sika Corporation has been supplying materials to the construction industry for more than 75 years and has specialists who are happy to guide you in your search for the right commercial refurbishment software. It’s a decision that can significantly benefit your business.

For more information on refurbishment, contact a Sika specialist today!

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