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Sika's Customer Knowledge Center provides tips, tricks and best practices to address building owners' needs. We cover a wide range of facility management topics such as Building Safety and Protection, Disaster Recovery for Facility Managers, Green Buildings, Cost Saving and Building Management.

Building Envelope Solution
Promote Sustainability with Building Envelope Systems

According to the EPA, buildings are responsible for 39 percent of total energy consumption and account for 68 percent of electricity use.

A high-performance building envelope system that protects all elements of the building will help facility owners increase building operation efficiency and save energy costs.

Food Beverage Flooring
Prepare Your Floors For An FSMA Inspection

In an effort to reduce nationwide food contamination incidents, President Obama recently signed into law the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), in which a statute gives the FDA authority to require more frequent inspections at food and beverage producing facilities. Learn more about how this new regulation impacts your facilities.

Successful Waterproofing with a Custom Waterstop

This is a case study using the Folsom Dam restoration project to demonstrate how custom waterstops can effectively help overcome various technical challenges and creatively save cost for projects. Learn full details about this waterproofing project.

Roof Maintenance
Effective Roof Maintenance for Concrete Roof Decks

The roofing industry has struggled to come up with a practical and consistent test to determine the moisture content of a concrete roof deck. This article dives into the inherent problems with the maintenance of concrete roof decks and offers informative case studies to highlight some issues.

building envelope
Building Repair & Safety Tips for Natural Disaster Protection

There’s nothing we can do to stop severe weather related events, but we can prepare for them by better protecting our buildings and the people who live and work in them. Initiating a building repair program that incorporates safeguards might be the best way to help protect your building in the event of a natural disaster.