Today’s buildings require high-performance building envelope systems that surround a structure and protect it from the elements. SikaSmart™ from Sika Corporation promotes building functionality, enhances appearance and extends the life of buildings and many of their major structural components.


Separating conditioned interior space from unconditioned outdoor space is a challenging task that goes beyond simply keeping water out of your building. According to the EPA, buildings are responsible for 39 percent of total energy consumption and account for 68 percent of electricity use.


Sika has the product solutions, technical knowledge and service network needed to fully assist designers and building owners with building envelope system options that protect structures from deterioration and promote sustainability. The company’s experience in the construction industry has led to an unmatched reputation for technological expertise and product integrity. Notably, SikaSmart features single-source management from a trusted and reliable supplier, thereby alleviating many of the headaches architects, consultants and building owners encounter when dealing with multiple manufacturers.


“Our customized building envelope system strategies minimize threats to buildings and help maximize return on investment,” says Gary Osmond, Sika’s senior marketing manager – building envelope. “Every portion of a building’s outer structure is subject to weathering, water intrusion, air leakage and premature deterioration of construction materials. These problems often result in costly maintenance and repair, higher energy costs, poor indoor air quality and, ultimately, a shorter lifespan for the building itself.”

building envelope

SikaSmart’s building envelope systems provide superior protection for roofing, exterior walls and windows, interior and mechanical spaces, parking garages, balconies, plaza decks, basements and other below-grade areas. In addition, they help control energy costs, an increasingly important consideration in today’s construction.

These building envelope systems comprise a variety of products, including the following:

Also offered are consultation services on building design, construction and contracting, site-work monitoring, maintenance and repair, and product and installation warranties.


Committed to sustainability and the environment, Sika has made significant contributions to green roofing and flooring with low-VOC products and solutions for energy- and resource-efficiency, climate protection and air quality. The company’s adhesives for solar and wind power installations help produce cleaner energy, while its concrete admixtures reduce water consumption and CO2 emissions.



Sika supports worldwide green projects, such as the international “Living Lakes” network organized by the Global Nature Fund. In addition, the company is a member of a number of environmental organizations, including the United Nations Environment Program and the Sustainable Buildings and Construction Initiative.