Madison Heights, MI, USA -- Effective January 1, 2018, Sika Corporation, Industry Division will increase prices between 3 – 5% on all products.  Instead of a blanket percentage increase, we have adjusted products differently based on the added material & production costs associated with each technology range. In this way, we have tried to reduce the total impact of the increase.

Sika understands the competitive nature of our industry and is committed to bringing
the best value in quality bonding, sealing and acoustic solutions to our
customers.  As seen in the entire specialty chemical industry, raw material
costs continue to rapidly escalate throughout 2017, largely due to rising
critical major items such as Propylene, Polyols, and other petrochemicals as
well as energy and transportation charges. These cost increases have been well
reported in local and world news as well as the trade journals serving the
adhesives and sealant industry. 


Our procurement team has been working hard with our suppliers to manage cost and
secure supply for our customers.  Over the past year, our suppliers continue to
communicate the need for increase pricing and in some cases, their inability to
supply due to either significant interruption to their key materials and/or
their own operation facilities. Therefore, this increase is necessary to ensure
we can continue to bring our customers the highest quality products.


While the factors currently affecting our costs are largely driven by trends not
within our control, we continue to working to keep costs down in our supply
chain, introducing manufacturing efficiencies and operation with of robust
processes, all the while maintaining the high quality performance standards of
our products.

We remain committed to providing a leadership role in the markets
we represent and look forward supplying industry with cost effective quality
products in the future.