MADISON HEIGHTS, MI -- Sika Corporation, premier supplier of innovative adhesive and sealant solutions, is proud to announce the launch of SikaMelt®-9677 to the US market.


SikaMelt®-9677 is a reactive polyurethane hotmelt adhesive that cures on exposure to atmospheric humidity and forms a durable elastomer. It is suitable for permanent bonding of polar plastics, woods, foams, textiles, painted and primed steel substrates. SikaMelt®-9677 is ideally suited for small and large panel laminations, particularly for the recreational vehicle (RV) and garage door markets.


SikaMelt®-9677 is available in two versions - a non-tint formula, which contains a UV fluorescing agent and also a tinted version, SikaMelt®-9677 US RD, which incorporates a red dye in the formulation.


"SikaMelt®-9677 has high initial green strength,” said Mark Daniels, Vice President, Industry Transportation and Appliance and Components. "It has a broad adhesion range with excellent heat resistance and exceptional aging performance."


The SikaMelt® line consists of a wide range of fast-acting adhesives for lamination and assembly work that are the ideal complement to the Sikaflex® urethane bonding systems. The SikaMelt® hotmelt line develops initial strength quickly and provides cost-effective adhesive solutions which easily integrate into fast-moving production processes.


SikaMelt® allows manufacturers to reduce or eliminate assembly aids previously required (clamps, jigs, etc.), thereby streamlining and simplifying production processes. Specialized assembly grade and textile adhesives complete the SikaMelt® product family - including polyolefin and pressure sensitive (PSA) formulations - to ensure solutions for most bonding applications.