New Features Added to Sika Every Day App

A new update to the Sika Every Day App is now available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store! The new version of the app includes a coverage calculator, an expanded tools menu and other improvements.

The coverage calculator allows users to easily determine how many units their application will require or how much application area/length an input number of units will yield. Many products calculations include variables such as substrate condition so the estimates can be as accurate as possible. The tool is currently set up with roughly 75 products across multiple Sika product lines – if your favorite Sika products aren’t included please let your Sika sales rep know which products you’d like to see added!

The Tools Menu can be accessed from the app menu and allows users to select which functions are accessible from the home page and choose from the growing full list of functions included in the app. This will allow you to customize the app to find the features you use most fast by putting them front and center!

In addition, a mix timer and language customization tools have also been added, and under the hood improvements have been made to improve your app experience. Download or update your app on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to get all of these great new features! For more information, please visit