Madison Heights, MI. - Sika Corporation is pleased to announce the full introduction of Sika® Primer-207 as an all-in-one primer designed primarily for Automotive Glass Replacement (AGR) applications. These applications include priming vehicle pinchwelds, encapsulated glass parts, glass/frits and moldings.  Sika® Primer-207 has now replaced Sika® Primer-206 G+P in all packaging configurations for the AGR market, and eliminated the need to use Sika® Primer-215 on moldings and encapsulated parts.  Similar in appearance and application to Sika® Primer-206 G+P, Sika® Primer-207 can be applied with a brush or a dauber and has been formulated to achieve superior adhesion to all common substrates found in AGR.


Marius Mavrodin, Sika Vice President of Aftermarket stated, “Sika®Primer-207 is an excellent product specifically designed to meet the needs of AGR technicians in the field.  This product can now be utilized on all common AGR substrates, and this one product now does the job that previously required two products – simplifying purchasing and inventory for glass shops.”


Sika® Primer-207 is sold in convenient 100 ml cans and 1.4 ml single use primer applicator stix, which are included in Sika’s convenient AGR Super Kits.  The transition to Sika® Primer-207 will streamline ordering, simplify inventory management and reduce installation complexity for end users.


Sika is continuing to provide the AGR industry with top of the line polyurethane adhesive, primers and accessory products that meet and exceed customer and market demands.